Retailers see value in online video

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According to a new study from, retailers are using more and more online videos and understand its value. Here’s a quote from the study on how retailers are using online video:

In the past year, significant technological advances have allowed retailers to incorporate interactive elements, such as the ability to click on an item in a video and have it placed in the customer?s shopping cart. Video optimization is allowing retailers to change elements in their videos and measure the effect on sales conversion rates.

Additionally, graphs such as the one below show the substantial increase in online video usage from the Top 50 retailers:


Finally, this graph shows what the Top 50 Retailers plan on adding to their websites soon. Video comes in at 42.3% – second only to social media:


Read the entire report from right now. To find out how we can help you use the powerful tool of video production Chicago for your business, call or email us today!

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